6 things you should consider before buying a beard trimmer

The headache of choosing the best beard does not stop with the question of how much you should spend on a beard trimmer. It extends to what to consider before making a purchase. If your current trimmer is faulty or its efficiency has deteriorated then you need a new one to continue grooming your beard. With a number of brands and features present, buying this machine for the first time can be hard. Here are six qualities that should guide your choice.


1. Beard length

The main reason you are buying a trimmer is your beard that needs constant care. Whether it is your hubby you are buying for or it is a purchase that is being made by the end user of the product, beard length is a number one consideration. Is your beard short, medium or stubble? After looking at the length and the desired trimming size, pick a machine that will produce the best size. Buying one that can be adjusted to trim different sizes is a plus in case you want to alter your looks from time to time, check out the Wahl at beardcareshop.com/wahl-9918-6171/.


2. Versatility

Versatility is one of the qualities that you should consider before shopping for your trimmer. The versatility question will be answered by how many tasks your product can perform and in which ways it is able to do that said tasks. In case you plan to use the beard trimmer on other body parts like your armpits among others then go for versatile trimmers.

Length setting is one of the features that ensure that your pick can clean your beard as well as your head.


3. Available attachments and convenience

The attachments that come with your trimmer should be a reason you buy one trimmer and shun another. They are a great helper when trimming different sizes as well as achieving various styles. For instance, getting a stubble look or refining your lovely goatee will be easier with relevant attachments.


On the other hand, convenience is another characteristic that should be part of your trimmer. This is easily measured by its portability capabilities. Can it be packaged well and accompany you to your camping site without being damaged?


4. Does it support wet and dry use?

The best trimmer is that which supports wet and dry use. These kinds of trimmers will help you finish trimming your beard in the bathroom then come put glowing. It will enable you also to use shaving foams, gels and lotions without getting faulty. Buying a waterproof trimmer will help you clean it with ease on your sink after use.


5. Is it cordless or corded?

You should choose either a corded or a cordless trimmer based on your preferences. They both have advantages that can help you have that dream look.

The cordless trimmers are good if you plan to use them on any other body part aside from your beard. On their part, the corded beard trimmers keep power more than their cordless counterparts do.


6. Blades

The material used to make the blades is a critical consideration that you should never ignore. A chromium, titanium or stainless steel blade is the best due to its long lifespan. It is also comfortable during shaving.

It is also recommended that you buy blades that are dual-edged. This is aimed at providing an extra cutting edge to give you a final shave that will leave necks turning.