Benefits of changing your mailing address with USPS


An estimate of 40 million people in US move per year.

In order to receive your new mails, it is important to change your address every time you move to a new place to keep your information on track. Changing your address can sometimes be hectic and tiresome. Below are some the reasons why you should change your address with USPS or with

1. It is fast, easy and affordable

So you are worried about the lengthy procedure that comes with the change of your mail address? With USPS you can change your email address in two fast methods. The first method is by changing your mail address online. This is considered the fastest way. The change is only charged 1 dollar as verification fee. The fee keeps you protected from frauds.

The second method is by filling the postal service code form 3575 at your local post office in person. This is absolutely free.

The USPS then confirms your new mail address in order to notify you that your request to change your address has been processed and your mails will then be forwarded to the new postal address.

This procedure will take you as little as 10 days and thus you are advised to start this change about 10 days before you move to a new place.

2. USPS gives you options.

The United States postal service gives you 3 basic options for receiving your mails at the new address. This ensures that you keep getting you mail no matter where you’ve moved to.

The first one is where you fill your change of address form to ensure that 1st class mails that are sent to your recent mail address are directed to the current residence.

This service is absolutely free and last for as long as an year. The mails are then afterwards directed to your old address.

The second option involves signing up for the premium forwarding service. This option allows you to receive your mails sent to you temporarily, though at a cost .It ensures people with dual homes keep getting their mails

The third option is the use of the use of the General Delivery Service offered by USPS. This option lets you receive your mail following your change of residence even if you don’t have a permanent address yet. It that you keep receiving your important mails addressed to you. The different options USPS ensures that you can change your mail address in different occasions and keep getting your mails.

3. It is safe.

The USPS ensure that your change of address comes only after your authorization. This is ensured by the postal service sending you the move validation letter. The letter is sent to you via the current address to notifying you of you request to change your mail address.

If you never requested for the change of your mail address, you should then report the matter to the local post office as untrue.

The confirmation of your change of address can then be easily cancelled.

4. It is convenient.

The US postal service ensures easy change of address for your whole family that is only if your family uses the same sir name. This ensures that the household get their mails to their new locations.

Note: This can only be done if the whole family is relocating, otherwise if only some house holders are moving you will need to fill out separate/individual change of address forms for individual change of address.

If you’re moving to a new place using USPS is the best means and ensures you move with your mails everywhere you go, so you don’t miss any important information.