Compound Bows

In general, compound bows are widely used in shooting and hunting practices.

Plus And Minus Of Using Compounds

Like all products in the market, there are advantages and disadvantages in the broadcast sector. When using the product, both the publication and the result have negative and positive results. Benefits of a compound bow and there are disadvantages of course, as seen in the Outdoor Empire compound bow buyer’s guide.


Fiona’s conclusion leads to the fact that the batch weight rises to its peak and then “frees”. The term Termination” is used to describe events about the camera as fully nested interference. The exception is 65% -80% of the maximum permissible weight. Concept Archery, a manufacturer of composite bows, allows you to produce 99%. When a “fall” occurs, the long cord rotates the camera, causing the tip to bend. When you rotate the camera completely, less effort is needed to turn the link “Let it go.” “Leave it,” it is better to retire as far as possible and invest time to target the goal.

Another advantage of bow composite in the long bow is its ability to retain elements. Being made of artificial materials, it can better tolerate changes in temperature and humidity.

Compound bows also contain rubber blocks that form a wall to resist scratches. These rubber blocks, named test stops, can be changed to fit the most effective arc length. Therefore, you can put the same arrow on each arrow. This increases the accuracy.

The design of the cameras can also control the speed at which the needle speeds up. “Soft Cam” allows the shooter to accelerate more. It is best for beginners to start using the “soft camera” and go to the “fixed camera”, which slowly lifts the arrows very fast acceleration very fast.

At the end of the publication there is a cam mechanism and a simple balance wheel from above. Therefore, it is not necessary to connect the cables and can use a line. The advantage of this single cable transmission is its speed of 100 m I s. I 315 frames per second.


This mechanical monster, along with pure or nature, destroyed the concept of archery, as it is known throughout history. The chef sees something better than a long meal of natural wood. Its shape really returned to nature and how old people made this simple tackle in hunting.