You probably know that you should not handle your social security card like you do your money in the wallet or purse. This is a very important card that should be kept safely in the house with other of your considered important documents. The maximum number of replacements one can get of this Social Security Number commonly abbreviated as SSN is 10 times in their entire life. Therefore its is advisable to properly keep and maintain it. This nine-digit card provides a link with your social security. This card is important since you need it to apply and get a job, collect social security benefits and access government services and agencies. Social Security Card numbers can be lost through various ways. They include; misplaced or stolen wallets or purses containing the social security card, unsecured communications via several means like e-mails, commercial trading of the number in the market, any unscrupulous individual with access to your personal information or stolen information from the workplace or home settings.

Dangers of losing your social security card
1. Identity theft and fraud.Imagine you lost your social security number and an unethical man finds it then sells or actually uses it as his, your personal information will definitely get compromised. If your Social Security Number is placed where other of your documents that gives additional information on your identity is at reach, an unscrupulous individual can apply for a heavy debt in your name. This might then be a problem as you struggle to pay the probably hefty debt. This can also lead to bankruptcy.

2. Access to rather confidential information.Providing your Social Security number to someone else makes it possible for that person to access your confidential information the likes of your banking information and other highly sensitive data. An individual can apply for other personal documents like a driver’s licence under your name and use it to for immoral activities. Your Social Security Number could be sold to the U.S non-citizens and used to commit illegal crimes.

3. Bars one from accessing government services.Losing your Social Security number prevents one from accessing any government service from all government departments, agencies and ministries.

4. Employment One of the job requirements in the employment industry includes having the 9- digit Social security Number. Lack of this prevents one from getting employed.

If you lose your Social Security number, you should replace it as soon as possible. You should always carry along multiple identification documents that prove you are who you claim to be. New cards are reapplied at any local Social Security Administration offices and takes up to a few weeks to be ready for collection. You cannot close your account when your Social Security Number goes missing or is stolen. In the case of a history of lost or compromised Social Security number, monitoring your financial data will be very important and can save you from future fraud cases. Subscribing for the credit monitoring and protection services will come in handy and protect all your financial activities.