Does the air conditioner brand matter

Most of us, every time we’re thinking about buying a new appliance or equipment we first think of the brand. It’s so important to us it’s sown into our DNA. So when we see a familiar brand on a product, we never bought before we’re automatically drawn to it and think it’s the best choice. But is it really? Does the air conditioner brand really matter? a/c repair cypress tx is here to tell it all.

We buy branded products, in general, because it gives us the confidence that it’s a high-quality product that works well and will last longer. And this is often true; it is the reason why big brands like Apple or Samsung have earned such a good reputation over the years.

As opposed to other products we’re more familiar with (phones, computers, washing machines, etc.) we buy our air conditioner for a lifetime. A normal unit should last between 15 to 20 years at least and in that time the market changes so much we need to do our research again. But here are a few things you should know about air conditioner branding.

The specs don’t make the difference between brands in this case as most air conditioners on the market today have about the same product specifications and features. There are of course AC units that are more powerful than others, some are portable, but every brand has them.

What about the parts then? We assume, as it is with other products, that those good brands use high-quality parts that last longer while all the others use bad parts that will give us headaches, but here is something interesting about that.

Many air conditioner brands use the same manufacturing
lines, the difference is in the paint and their label. So no matter which you buy, you get exactly the same quality but at a different price. Some of these ‘grouped’ brands are:

– Goodman and Amana

– Trane and American Standard

– Lennox, Armstrong, and Concord

And the list continues even if we’re talking about complete AC units. But how about the parts? Most of the parts for the air conditioners today are made by three major manufacturers: Emerson, Honeywell and Johnson Controls.

If the quality of the products doesn’t differ too much what does? When choosing a brand, you need to look at the warranty they offer because this might be a little different and will help you along the way. Some companies offer warranty through third-parties and that is never a good sign. Most offer a 10-year warranty on the parts, but there are others that offer lifetime replacement on the compressor which would help very much in case it fails.

The brand of the air conditioner doesn’t make that much difference as we can find similar products of similar quality to several brands. But what really makes a difference is the air conditioner installer, even if it’s the choice that matters less to us. A good installer will also give you great advice on what air conditioner to buy, with what specifications and so on and their advice is very good as they’ve seen and worked with hundreds of such units.

In air conditioners, the brand isn’t the most important thing. What we want is the unit to be functional for the longest time without any headaches and to achieve this the most important factor is the company who installs it.