Getting your Lawn in Shape

The world’s earliest gardens were used to plant various herbs for medicinal purposes. However, this has changed over time and people are now using the gardens for functional and others for less functional purposes as well. Designing a beautiful garden is the core fundamental skill for a great landscape. Whether it’s for the backyard or front yards, the garden design is the one first thing that will make your dream garden come into life.

Beautiful gardens are so much appealing to our senses; the fragrance, the immense diversity of the colours, the insects attracted by the flowers, the sounds of different varieties of birds, and the varieties of textures. So, which are some of the designing ideas/ tips that you can use to ensure that your dream garden comes to reality? Here in this article, we are going to look at some of these ideas and how you can implement them in your project.

1. The first thing you want to do is to get your lawn into shape.

If you take a look outside of your window the first and probably the largest space, you are going to see is your lawn. The shape is of the essence because if it’s in a good shape, then you’re on the right track. More so, it does not need to be a rectangle for it to look appealing, you can make it a circle, oblong or even oval.

2. You need to add flowering plants/ plan our planting

Try to show both perennial and annual flowers. The mix of different colour varieties breaks up green, provide contrast and focal points. However, it is not necessary that you plant the flowers, different vegetables and herbs also do have beautiful flowers and it’s a plus for you since you can gain nutritional value from them e.g.spring onions, chives, thyme (pale pink to purple) etc. The planting pattern should also be considered to bring a harmonious effect on the garden.

3. Set the tone with landscaping

The way lay down your paving and the colour combination sets a strong direction and emotional feelings for
your whole garden. For example, golden stones or buff arranged in random patterns sets a theme! English country feel, whereas white stone or grey pattern sets the French country look.

4. Control Weeds

The weeds should be removed before going to seed. If you are not familiar with the best chemicals to the
best methods that you can use to combat with weeds in your garden, it is advised you consult professional help as this will save your money and ensure proper growth of your garden plants. Otherwise, why would you waste your money by sharing plant nutrients with freeloaders?

5. You should have a coordination between your plants and paving

Silver and black colours will result in a great look when combines with colours such as orange, red, and yellow.

White stones look amazing with white and purple blooms.

6. Have the tablespace in mind

If you are for the idea of having a table in your garden, the size needs to be well measured. Consider enough space for the table and chairs, space should also be adequate to offer comfortability when moving around. So, in the end, you might realize that more space is required than you had anticipated.

7. Consider adding some garden art.

They can be ornamentals, treasured finds, collection, etc. This will add character and reflect your personality

8. Look at the boundaries

They are the biggest view elements in the garden. Ensure they are of the right shape and in good painting
condition. Finally, it is better to use variegated foliage that has one colour inside and another around the edge of foliage. This will enhance the beauty and improve quality. Examples of such plants include Dracaenas, Cordylines, Mandevilla, etc.