Good bicycle lights

Sometimes we just want to hit the road and have some fun far way from the comfort of our duvets, right?
Well, if you are going to do a little bike riding at night, you need to have good bicycle lights. You don’t want to run into a log of wood or a swamp while in the middle of a fun loving activity. After all, no one likes accidents. So what really makes up good bicycle lights and what exactly does one need to know?

1. Picturing

First, you must get the right picture of what you really need. Getting the right type of lights can be a tedious activity and some initial imagination is a good way to get things going. You are not just going to walk into a store and pick whichever type or design that you think will be compatible with your bike. You’ve got to imagine and come up with what really interests you. What color works best for you at night? On what position of the bike do you want the lights fixed? Apparently, one has to decide whether he is going to need the lights at the front, the back or both positions.

2. Brightness

Another vital consideration is the brightness needed. This entirely depends on the rider and what he is buying the bike for. Some people do not feel comfortable around the brightest lights, probably because they have an eye problem or it simply blurs their vision. If you fall into this category, you should plan on getting something a little dimmer. There is a lot of science surrounding the right level of brightens that bicycle riders need to work with but most of it just depends on who is riding. If the rider is participating in some sporting activity with rules of the amount of brightness needed, then the right product is one that falls within the required standards.

3. Battery

Considering the available options on battery can be a good way of getting the right product. In order to get nice batteries, one must first consider the type of bicycle he owns. Are the batteries rechargeable? Do they support USB function? The modern day riding culture welcomes the idea of USB support in bikes. Both the front and back lights need to be in good condition to enable fast USB charging.

4. Budget

Lastly, your budget counts. You never really want to walk into a shop, purchase a luxurious design only to end up mumbling words at the counter when you get that funny look from the cashier. Whatever you purchase must fall within your budget. If you spend more than you can afford, you are not going to be able to repair the bike in case you make a wrong turn in some sharp bend and sprawl to the ground. You have to work on getting the best quality at the most affordable price.

With the right picture, brightness, battery and budget, it becomes an easy task spotting the correct bicycle lights for you!