Picking the right electronic component provider

When it comes to electronic components, being a responsible retailer you have to provide your clients genuine and highly functional products. In this article, we are discussing some of the most crucial factors that you should keep in mind; so you don’t end up buying fake components.

Here are six factors crucial to picking the right electronic component provider to avoid counterfeits

Supplier selection

How do you select an electronic component, makes all the difference? A right selection can significantly eliminate the risk of counterfeit parts entering into your supply chain. You can procure components from a manufacturer, a franchised distributor, or an agent. Along with this, you can approach independent distributors and small-unlicensed distributors. So before you put your trust on one of them, you have to check their credibility in the market, record and financial stability. Wholesale electronic components providers who hold a clean and reputed position in the electronic market will be trustworthy.

Examine the quality of the goods

You need to be alert from the very first delivery of the electronic components to avoid counterfeits. Thus, you are recommended to examine the consignment you receive with utmost attention. Visual inspection is always suggested to for organizations dealing in electronic components. You can further check the products using advanced technologies.

Quality specifications

It is essential to ensure whether the best fpga brands electronic components bear quality specifications or not. The products should possess certain specifications including government certification.

Testing for fake products

You should rely on a supplier who can offer electronic component testing on critical visual and physical criteria to assure you quality and function. Avoid those one who do not give you time to test the equipment.


A partner offering a myriad of services aIways proves beneficial to a business. This is why, you should search for a supplier who can provide you some vaIued services such as procurement and distribution, inventory management, OEM services, and efficient customer care assistance. Wholesale electronic components providers offering mentioned services prove beneficial to a business in many ways.


You are recommended to ask you a supplier to provide you at least three references, so you can talk to them to ascertain its credibility in the market and record. This will help you understand how the supplier works and whether helshe can fulfill commitments or not.

An electronic component provider who has good networking with world-class manufacturers can only offer you a large and weII-kept stock that can prove to be an asset for your operations. Hence, always look out for one, especially if you are in the all-important aerospace industry. And if you are one of those electronic manufacturers who wish to partner with an electronic component distributor for better exposure, it is better that you enter into a written agreement before starting a business with them. It is always recommended to take the services of these distributors for better exposure.

So, these are the factors that you are suggested keeping in mind when searching for an electronic provider to avoid counterfeit. Hope you found this information useful.