Pool heater repair tips

People use their swimming pools throughout the year, and as a result, there is need to heat their pools to temperatures that they enjoy. This has made the use of pool heaters common among many swimming pools. Repairing these pool heaters is a headache too much such that they have to call technicians from the pool heater repair company orange county ca to repair the smallest problems that they can repair themselves.

The following are some tips to help you repair your pool heater;

Ensure compatibility when purchasing replacement parts for your pool heater.

The most important tip is to ensure all parts that you purchase for repair should be acquired from your store rather than online to ensure they are compatible with your pool heater. This is because pool heater pumps are designed to precise specifications. A small divergence from the heater regarding materials and weight can lead to poor performance of your heater.

Defective pressure Switch.

When there is water being received in your pump but not detected, then this points that your pressure switch is defective. All you have to do is replace the pressure switch.

Pool Heater failure to switch on.

If your pool heater won’t turn on, it is recommended to check the power and then the water. This is because there might be a damaged connection, low water flow or water not being detected. For a damaged connection ensure that the breaker is supplying enough power to your pump and that there is no damaged wiring in your unit. In case of low water flow, make sure that the pump is sending a continuous supply of water. If not, unblock your filter skimmer baskets and pumps. Repair the water pressure switch and make sure it is clean.

Faulty Thermostat.

Whenever your pool is working well, but the temperature of the water is not at the point where you can enjoy your swimming, then you ought to check at the thermostat. Always desist from making further adjustments if the temperature set on the thermostat is beyond the one present in your swimming pool. It is advisable to change your thermostat as it is maybe faulty.

Avoid interfering with components of a pool heater refrigeration.

The process of a pool heater is powered heavily by heat from the environment and therefore needs refrigeration. This requires that you have an ever-working refrigerator. The parts of a refrigerant are always hard to deal with. It is therefore advisable to seek help from a qualified technician in case of refrigeration issues.

A pool heater that keeps on shutting off.

When your pool heater keeps on shutting off whenever you put it on, then it could be an issue with water pressure. This can be corrected by checking the error codes being displayed which can be “FLO,” “LO/HI” or “FL” which usually indicate problems with water flow. These faults can be corrected by ensuring there are no blockages and a well-working pressure switch.

Another possible problem can be power related, especially when there are no error codes displayed. Power problems are always as a result of damaged wires connecting the breaker with the pump and corroded connection terminals.

Detecting leaking pipes.

Using soap solution is the best way to detect any leaks in the pipes and to check for gas supply. This is so when dealing with a gas pool heater. You should spray liquid soap on the joints and observe if there are any bubbles on the surface of the pipes. If they appear, then go ahead and replace the pipes.

With the tips discussed above, you can be able to know what faults your pool heater is having and how to correct them. However, some problems cannot be detected easily and therefore need a qualified technician in order to be corrected. If you think a problem is beyond your knowledge, then it is always advisable to seek the help of a pool heater technician so as not to cause more damages on top of the ones being experienced.