Tips on getting a social security card fast

The process of applying for a social security card is not simple as you may think. You will need all the
required documents and correct personal details for your application to be accepted. Many people take a lot
of time when it comes to gathering all documents that show proof of identity and filling the correct
information on the application form SS-S. This process can be tedious in the state of il and you should consider the following
to make it faster.

Gather all the relevant documents

You will need a birth certificate, a driver’s license or state ID and other documents which you can use to show
your citizenship. These documents are supposed to be the original documents because photocopies are not
accepted. If you lack any vital document, your application will be rejected and you will spend more time
visiting other relevant agencies to get help. In addition, forged documents or documents with errors can’t be
accepted and each and every detail is checked for validity. Any illegal documents can cause problems
especially if it has been acquired from unauthorized offices or through forgery.

Get all relevant information

Always write down all personal information such as name, your address, where you live and other details that
you have not memorized. It is also important to note that you should write the details according to their
relevance so that the most important ones are at the top. You can easily refer to this details when filling a
88-5 form or answering questions. This technique is useful to old people and those who have changed some
of their details and the area of residence.

Write the correct details on Form SS-5

If a social security office is available in your town, you can visit it and get the application Form SS-S.
However, if the nearest office is far or you live in a remote area, just launch you browser and download the
form from the official social security website. This will save time and eliminate the cost of travelling to
acquire the form.

The social security card application form SS-5 is thoroughly checked for false or incorrect information and
your application can easily be rejected if you make a mistake. You should read each questions more than
twice to make sure that you understand what is required. You should ask for assistance if you come across
any statement that is not clear to avoid filling in incorrect information.

Ask for assistance when filling Form SS-5

People who fill this form for the first time take a lot of time to enter the details and the chances of making
errors are usually high. You can speed up the process if you ask someone who has filled form before to help
you out. However, you should only allow people that you trust or an officer to help you out because someone
with bad intentions can get some of your sensitive details. The chances of making errors are limited when
two or more people help each other to fill the application form SS-5.


Following the right procedure when applying for a social security card is important. Always cooperate with the
officials and provide what you have been asked for to avoid unnecessary delays. You should have all the
necessary documents and correct personal information if you want your application to be processed faster.