Why is the cost of R22 REFRIGERANT Increasing

In summers, when the temperature raises to sky-high, the AC’s are the only thing we all are dependent upon. For running the air conditioner smooth and efficiently, a refrigerant is the most important component. Most of the Air Conditioning Model Units, an R22 refrigerant is used. The reason is, it is highly reliable and efficient, and is known for its high cost.

The rise in the R22 refrigerant price is one of an interesting topic in the recent few years. Many people are still wondering about that “why is the cost of R22 refrigerant increasing so much?” It is one of the major concern for both, AC manufacturer companies, and customers, especially when the problem is going to continue more, hence the case for http://www.bluonenergy.com/r22-alternative/.

About R22 Refrigerant & its Popularity

Another name for R22 refrigerant is Freon, which enables AC units to work efficiently even in high-temperature rooms. It minimizes the dangers of overheating and other problems. The major advantage of R22 is that it cycles via unit at regular intervals.

R22 refrigerant is primarily designed for long-term Air Conditioner life. In case the leak occurs in it, you’ll require an additional refrigerant for assuring proper working of your air conditioner.

Reason for the Price Hike

The materials and components used for making an air-conditioner can be a bit costly depending on the brand and their short supply. But seeing the price hike in R22, it has made everyone concerned about its future.

Another reason for the price hike is the environmental issues concerned with Freon. It poses a great threat to the ozone
layer of our planet earth. When it comes under fire, the smoke it releases in the atmosphere directly affects the eco-system of our planet. Because of this, the Environmental Protection Agency requested to stop production of R22 refrigerant till 2020. This decision is causing the rise in the cost of Freon.

Since 2010, when the production rate of Freon started to decline, the prices started to increase. In the next 2 years, it will not be produced at all. As a result, higher demand rate and lower production rate, causing a rise in the R22 refrigerant price.

R22 per Pound Cost

For the time being, most of us still want to use it, no matter what happens in future. But first, you must know the fair price of R22 per Pound. Many companies are charging $100 to $200 per pound for filling R22 refrigerant. The gap is because of the service, including some extra options given by the service provider.

An average cost of repairing the R22 unit is around $3000-$4000, which doesn’t include the price of leaked Freon, which you need to refill. Following are the primary signs of Freon Leak in your AC unit:

·  Frozen Coils

·  Cooling power goes down and improper temperature

·  A rise in Electricity Bill

·  Registers blowing warm air

As an alternative, you can go for R-410A. It is less costly and less negative impact on the environment as compared to R22. Most of the people have already started looking for such alternatives, as the R22 price is not going to go down.